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Thompson's WaterSeal is made for protecting outdoor surfaces from rain and other wet conditions, but most of their products are made for wood. It is easy to get some of it onto surrounding surfaces accidentally when applying it or grab the wrong kind when you wanted the multi-surface version.

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Cementone Clear Concrete Sealer must be applied full strength without thinning by airless sprayer or roller. The coverage will vary depending on the method of application and the porosity and texture of the surface. Two coats are required on untreated or stripped concrete or SCOFIELD Texturetop toppings.

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PAVESEAL CEMENTONE R36/37/38Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. R51/53Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. R65 Harmful: may cause lung damage if swallowed. SAFETY PHRASES S13 Keep away from food, drink and …

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Protect the appearance and the integrity of your concrete pavement with the help of the Bostik Cementone Pave Seal. This solvent-based, low-viscosity acrylic solution easily penetrates deep into concrete to give ample coverage and can also be used with brick, porous tiles and similar materials. ... Clear drying, deep penetrating protection for ...

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Full star. Full star. Full star. Full star. Empty star. 26262 - 4 years ago. Very good finish--non glossy and natural colour enhances the original block paving without darkening it significantly. We needed more sealant than the cans suggested but we are well pleased and recommend it.

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Concrete sealer, 5L Jerry can - B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends ... let it dry for 24 hours, then applied one generous coat of the sealer. The 5L container was just enough to do my 5.8m x 5.8m double garage, applying it …

How Long Does It Take for Concrete to Dry? Concrete Cure Times

Quick-dry uses low water and a mix of cement for quick drying while industrial concrete mixes might take longer. While the above factors can add or subtract a few hours from curing and drying time generally: Most new concrete pours can handle foot traffic in about 24 hours. Most new concrete pours can handle vehicle traffic in 48 hours.

Cementone 5Ltr Paveseal Resin Based

A clear, low viscosity, solvent based acrylic solution that penetrates deeply into dry concrete, brick, porous tiles etc, it provides excellent resistance to dirt and water.

SCOFIELD® Revive Exterior Concrete Stain

unglazed ceramics. It will dry to a flat low-luster finish with excellent weather, water, slip, and ultraviolet light resistance, without significant film build or developing a paint-like appearance. SCOFIELD® Revive™ Exterior Concrete Stain must be topcoated with a quality Scofield sealer such as CEMENTONE® Clear Concrete Sealer, SCOFIELD®

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Clear drying, deep penetration protection Resists water, oil and grease Coverage Enhances the colour of paving USES Bostik Pave Seal (formerly known as Cementone Pave Seal) is a clear, low viscosity, solvent based acrylic solution that penetrates deeply into dry concrete, brick, porous tiles etc.

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concrete age, composition, technique used to finish the concrete, and application technique. Application to undisturbed slabs will be more paint like. Application to slabs with the top paste layer removed will be grainier. Variations in concrete finishing will become color swirls and variegations. Stain application to dry or wet surfaces

Bostik Cementone Exterior Water Seal 5L - Buildworld

Product Description. Keep out water and moisture from the outside with the application of the Bostik Cementone Exterior Water Seal 5L. This water seal can be brushed onto any exterior surface like brickwork, asbestos, cement, cement renderings, roughcast, cast concrete, limestone, stonework, leather and even wood to stop rain from penetrating the surface.

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100™, CEMENTONE ® Clear Sealer, or Scofield Formula One™ Guard-W. 2. Color Effects: ... Prior to application, ensure the concrete is dry by confirming that the Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER) is below 5 lbs/1000sq.ft per 24 hours, or test to determine Relative Humidity (RH) within the …

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Longer the better but 48h sounds better. I've always left for a few days but limited experience although seen concrete crack across corner when walked on following day, and it was said to stay off it especially near edges so I'm thinking 24h it maybe too soft still. See what others say. Wayners, May 2, 2020. #4.

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In my previous house the garage concrete floor was a typical rough floor, always dusty. I had it screeded to get a smooth surface, and then used floor paint to seal it. For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong. 0. 3 April 2019 at 7:08AM.

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Chemicals, concrete & cement. Cement. Bostik Cementone Buff Ready mixed Fire cement, 5kg Tub (3) Write a review £ 10.90. Checking availability... Checking availability... Add to basket. Product details ... I did find that it takes a long time to dry. Have since found that it was a bit on the expensive side.

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Dinnerbone is a solid block available in the 16 regular Dinnere colors. Dinnerbone requires a Diamond pickaxe to be mined. When mined without a pickaxe, it drops nothing. Dinnerbone is formed when Dinnerbone powder comes into contact with a block of water (source block, flowing or waterlogged). It is not formed by contact with rain, filled cauldrons or water bottles. Dulled and solid colors of ...

CEMENTONE Clear Sealer

CEMENTONE® Clear Concrete Sealer is an extremely hard, self-crosslinking, low-odor, acrylic concrete sealer that is designed to seal and protect interior or exterior colored or uncolored concrete, stained concrete, or other cementitious surfaces with minimum film thickness. It is highly resistant

SCOFIELD Cureseal-W Concrete Curing Compound and Sealer

Cureseal-W Concrete Curing Compound and Sealer must only be used on concrete that is above grade or on ground that is well-drained. Do not use on concrete slabs placed on damp ground, or on concrete that will be constantly exposed to moisture. Do not apply when air or surface temperatures are below 45°F (7°C), or may be so prior to drying. Do not

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Cementone No. 2 Liquid is an alkaline soap of mixed fatty acids compounded to a soft easily dispersed solution. a hydrophobic soap, the whole :being carried on the surface of a siliceous flier, to aid ease of dispersion into the cement mixes. Initially alkaline, has no corrosive effect on …


CEMENTONE® Clear Sealer ... SELF-CROSSLINKING, LOW-ODOR, ACRYLIC SEALER TOPCOAT DESIGNED TO PROTECT INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR CONCRETE OR OTHER CEMENTITIOUS SURFACES. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CEMENTONE® Clear Sealer is an extremely hard, self- ... temporarily blush white before drying clear. Mixing CEMENTONE® Clear Sealer is milk white and …

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Try Cementone mortar and brick cleaner, Its a strong acid that foams up and dissolves cement, beware when using!! Buy from Jewson's, Travis Perkins etc for around £ 10 T11:50:03+01:00

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Bostik Pave Seal (formerly known as Cementone Pave Seal) is a clear, low viscosity, solvent based acrylic solution that penetrates deeply into dry concrete, brick, porous tiles etc. Bostik Pave Seal provides excellent resistance to water and dirt. It also enhances the colour of the treated surface. Bostik Pave Seal is suitable for use to protect drives, paths, patios and other […]

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11. Drying times are greatly affected by temperature and ventilation. As a guide allow approximately 6 hours for the surface to become touch dry and 5 days before over coating. 12. Cementone Tanking Slurry requires a through draught to avoid excessive condensation during the curing period. Please note that condensation may

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The Cementone fast drying water-seal is a durable, water-repellent solution for porous external walls and fascias. The waterseal from Cementone deposits a rainproof resin in the capabilities of the substrate which expands on reaction with residual moisture and almost completely reduces the rain penetration, whilst allowing the substrate to breathe. Comes with a 1-year guarantee.


Product overview. Bostik Pave Seal is a clear, low viscosity, solvent-based acrylic solution that penetrates deeply into dry, porous external paving such as concrete, brick and porous tiles. It provides excellent resistance to water, oil, petrol, grease and dirt. It is clear in colour, but may enhance the colour of the treated surface.

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Scofield Cementone Clear Concrete Sealer is formulated for sealing and protecting new or old, interior or exterior concrete, and for use on cementitious toppings used for resurfacing concrete. Where a low-gloss finish is desired, it is compatible for use on multicolored, antiqued, imprinted, textured, stamped, acid-stained or exposed- aggregate ...

Lap Lines and Roller Marks When Sealing Concrete ...

Sealing concrete can be frustrating! Roller marks and their cousins, "lap lines," are just two of those frustrating problems that can plague professional decorative installers. When you really think about it, sealing concrete falls more into the coatings industry than the concrete industry.

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5 x BOSTIK 2.5kg Cementone Rapid Fast Setting Repair Cement Quick Drying Concrete. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 1. £49.99. £49. . 99. FREE Delivery. Only 10 left in stock.

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Is a highly efficient water-repellent liquid for above ground, porous brickwork and cement renderings; The reduction of the movement of the water through the structure, improves insulation, reduces dirt retention, mould and algae growth